Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blue Pottery Tile Set , Handmade Blue pottery Tile Set, Decorative Tile Set, Garden Tile Sets, Home Tile Sets,

tile set 1 by Sharad Maheshwari
tile set 1, a photo by Sharad Maheshwari on Flickr.
Handmade Blue Pottery Tile Set

Amazingly Crafted Handmade Blue Pottery Tiles With Wonderful Handcrated Designe.

Tiles have been used for centuries to create intricate patterned floors and walls. Tiles can be arranged in nearly limitless designs to create unique patterns for bathrooms, kitchen backsplash, patios and just about any other room in your house.

Color : As Per Picture

Tile Qty : 5 Lott

Tile Size : 4 X 4 Inches Tiles Lott

Processing Time : 20 to 30 Days

* We Can Customize Tile In Any Size *

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